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Found 3 results

  1. Simply what i am looking for is the following: i have a digital satellite receiver in my living room i want to broadcast this receiver output (HDMI) to my local home network (wifi) so i can watch that on my laptop in my room for example. the receiver is Humax IR3000 (it has: Ethernet port, 2 usb ports) the idea is having a device that is like chrome cast but works opposite way i want a way to make my receiver HDMI output instead to TV, i want it over wifi so i can receive it on my laptop (or any laptop) in the rooms (like what is in the go pro live preview) i have linksys X3000 adsl router @ my home any ideas or help
  2. Hi guys! I have a huge problem! I will transfer to a new flat.. I will stay on the basement.. The problem is my huawei E5372(viva) has a poor reception in the basement.. Only intercepting 2g signal.. Damn! I need help! Any do-it-yourself signal booster suggestion? Or where can i buy/find external antennas that can connect to my router to increase the netwrok into 4g again? Do u know any stores here in kuwait that sells one? Need ur help badly.. Thanks
  3. Hi, Im looking to buy an iPad mini 16GB. Thanks.