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An Original Xbox and Wii anyone?

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Hey guys......I was planning to sell my two consoles,

The first one: (Modded/Pirated) Also works with non-pirated games!

Original Xbox + 1 Xbox Controller S + 1 Original "Fatty" Xbox controller (W. Cables)

P.S It won't come in a box (COLLECTORS ITEM) If you wanna know then....You can get Original Xbox games at Al-Rihab!

The Second One (not modded/pirated)

Black Wii + 1 Black Wii Remote + 1 Black Nunchuck = (Cables, sensor etc)

Please just tell me if your interested...If there are a considerable amount of people then I'll post it in the "What people are selling" forum :)

Cheers! :mrgreen:

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