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Talabat reviews

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After coming back to Kuwait from studying abroad I found out the number of restaurants on Talabat have like, tripled. I've had a couple of bad experiences ordering from random restaurants on there recently. So I'm just looking for a couple of recommendations on what to try, and what to avoid.

I'll start by reviewing a few I've tried. Feel free to use my formatting, or you can use your own style, whatever.

Buffalo's Cafe:

Order:Juanita`s Fajitas with Chicken, Chicken wings regular, Nachos. 9KD.

-Overpriced for what you get.

-Packaging was horrible. I had no idea what went with what.

-Nachos, was just tortilla chips with the toppings in little containers.

-Assemble your own fajitas.

-Their chicken wings were dry and barely had any meat on 'em.

3/10. Wouldn't recommend. Unless you fancy putting together your own food. Try Papa John's if you're looking for some good chicken wings.


Order: Chicken Quesadillas, chicken alfredo pasta, Mozarella sticks. 6KD.

-Decent prices.

-Huge portions.

-Packaging was very pretty, everything was triangle shaped. I felt bad throwing away the boxes.

-Food came super hot, and everything tasted fresh.

-Quesadillas, average. Kind of Bland, but tasted fresh.

-Alfredo pasta was ok. A bit too much on the watery side.

-Mozarella Sticks were kind of on the dry side.

5/10 Mixed emotions here. You get a lot of food, and it all tasted decent, but not.. good.

Little Ruby's:

Order: Double cheese burger, Flourless chocolate cake. 6KD.

-Prices were a little on the high side.

-Burger was tiny, it's like a nastier version of a johnny rockets burger.

-Fries were weird, they had this chemicaly taste.

-The cake was pretty good, moist, sweet, came with icecream. Enjoyed it.

4/10 Stick with Johnny rockets, similar prices, better tasting food.


Order:Excel Maki, Kinds Of Sashimi (18 Pieces) 12KD (wtf?)

-Overpriced, like every other Japanese place.

-The sashimi was on an block of ice, which was leaking everywhere.

-All the sashimi, except the salmon, had this horrible "fishy" taste(In arabic "zafir)." I've had sashimi at other places that was delicious. Never have I tasted anything so bad, even our cat wouldn't eat it, and she eats everything.

-Maki was average tasting.

1/10 Tatami and Sushi club are way better. I was really sad cause a lot of people recommended this place.

As you can see the last couple of orders have been pretty bad. So I'm looking to you guys for some recommendations.

I'll update this thread with more reviews as I order. Feel free to comment, yo.

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Casper and Gambini's:

- ordered the Best Ever Egg Mayo with sunny side up eggs. Found it to be dry, the eggs were overcooked. The herbs were interesting though.

- also ate the Country Club Chicken, recommend it over the Best ever egg mayo, the country club chicken was a more balanced sandwich. The Best ever egg mayo got a bit too eggy at the end.

- The food came cold.

- one plus was when i called back and complained about the food they resent the whole meal at no charge and it was hot and nice. Great customer service, no questions asked! :D

- packaging was good

6.5/10 Decent place that many people enjoy, but I found it not worth the money. I liked it a lot before but I guess my tastes changed.

Johnny Rockets

-great burgers

-juicy meat

-food comes cold sometimes, they also resend if you complain

- loved the apple pie milkshake , it was literally an apple pie blended in milk, i was sucking up massive apple pie chunks, it wasn't some horrible flavoring.

-great minimum delivery charge - only 2.5KD !

8/10 Great burger place, would be a 9 or even a 10 if they consistently delivered the food hot.

Indigo Indian Restaurant

-Ordered the Chicken Makhni Dilruba. I found it tasted okay. Wouldn't order it again though. Fairly boring taste and have had much better curries.

-Wife ordered the Gosht Korma (lamb korma) it was bland

- didn't come with free rice, but for 1kd we got a large portion of rice. 2-3 people worth

-ordered a cheese naan too, recommended and was probably the most enjoyable part of the meal. A bit stingy in terms of filling, there was barely any cheese on it but i haven't found a place in kuwait with great naans

6/10 Still searching for a great indian place in kuwait. Best i've found is either Zafran or Moti Mahal deluxe near johnny carinos

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Kout Way

Order: Kubbah 5 pcs, Cucumber Yogurt salad, Meat Machboos Half Portion, Milk Pudding (Mehalabiya) 4.800 KD

- This place is really cheap.

- The portion sizes are decent, when it says "enough for 1 person" they mean it. The salad was small but it was good for the price 350 fils.

- Everything was wrapped in tin foil, so the food was hot! Good packaging.

- It was amazing, the food was surprisingly good. The kubbah tasted just like my mom makes em, the cucumber salad was refreshing. The lamb in the machboos was really tender, cooked to perfection.

- My only problems with the food was the rice was a bit oily for my tastes, but they advertise themselves as Kuwaiti fast food, so that's understandable I guess.

- The piece of meat they gave me was kind of small, you can add another piece through talabat and I recommend it.

Trivia: The guy who delivered the food was Kuwaiti and drove a GMC pickup. It was weird. I think he might have been the owner.

9/10 Really good. Would definitely order again if I'm craving some Kuwaiti dishes. Especially with how cheap the prices are.

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